Are Englands World cup problems as bad as they seem?

Are Englands World cup problems as bad as they seem?

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In the aftermath of Fridays Fifa World Cup match v Algeria, i felt i had just been to funeral. In fact, a funeral of a dear friend, that i didn't know had died. But, 2 days later, i ask was it as bad as first thought.

Well there is now getting away from the fact that the performance was bad. No pace from players used to playing the game at a high pace. Poor control cannot really go down to the new Jabulani ball. Substitutions were made that made no difference at all. Like for like players and continuing with the same formation. Fall out with the fans, press and management, What else can go wrong?

If we draw or lose to Slovenia, then the worst will happen and our World Cup dreams will be shattered. Win and we are through to the last 16 and will wonder what the fuss was all about.

There are many similarities to the 1986 World Cup in Mexico to this campaign. We were in a worse position, though after two games in Mexico. A 0-0 draw with Morocco and a 1-0 loss to Portugal had England clutching at straws to qualify for the last 16. Our final group game was against Poland, who only required a point to qualify for the next stage and send England home. 3-0 up after 34 minutes from a Gary Lineker hat trick was just the trick, next round here we come. What problem? This could occur again on Wednesday afternoon, with Wayne Rooney becoming the hero, once again.

The events following the early struggles seem long forgotten by some. They even go as far to say, what a succesful tournament this had become. The next round was a 3-0 win over Paraquay and then on to one of the most famous England games ever. The 2-1 defeat to Argentina will always be remembered for the 'Hand of God' goal by Diego Maradona. Defeat, but a huge amount of pride.

The 2010 World Cup, will be just as successful. A comfortable win over Slovenia, followed by a smooth passage to the Quarter finals. Then, who knows. But it will then, go down as a successful tournament and the early games forgotten.

In Mexico, many claim Englands fortunes changed after Ray Wilkins was sent off in the first game, allowing England to become a more attacking side. This again, may be the case with the suspension of Jamie Carragher. Bobby Robson was a world Cup legend, will the same be said of Fabio Capello?

Yes it was bad but, hope is not lost and the England squad can erase those memories and go on to be hero's once again.

Interesting to note that, France , Germany, Italy , Portugal and Spain are also struggling to qualify for the last 16. France were struggling in the 2006 World Cup too but, went on to make the final, What chance this happens to England too......Fingers crossed.

Lets hope my dear friend was just sleeping. This Wednesday i hope to find him alive and well.


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