Euro 2016: The best goals so far...

Euro 2016: The best goals so far...

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We all love a satisfying goal that deserves an equally satisfying goal celebration. Although goals have been in short supply this tournament, there have been some brilliant ones. Here is a round up of the best goals so far - if we have missed one that you thought worthy of our tournament hall of fame then tweet us @Sportsballshop or comment below and we will make sure we add it!
  1. Gareth McAuley: Northern Ireland Vs Ukrine
We had to start somewhere, and McAuley's brilliant opener in the 48th minute for NI was a better place to start than any. The header came after a free kick from Norwood soared over the pitch, landing the ball neatly in the left side of the goal. 2. Gareth Bale: Wales Vs England Yes 'that' free kick - annoyingly good...and now they have qualified for the final 16 I don't think they coud have hoped for better. Being the first time Wales have qualified for a major tournament since 1958 - just to put that into perspective, man was yet to walk on the moon, Bridge on the River Kwai won an Oscar that year, and it was the same year as the Munich disaster. 3. Dimitri Payet: France Vs Romania Moving away from the home country, Payet's goal against Romania to win France's opening match was executed beautifully. In only his 20th match for France, he was unsure he would even make an appearance at the tournament so it was an emotionally moment for the 29 year old. 4. Ivan Perisic: Croatia Vs Czech Republic So the game ended in a 2-all draw but this game had Croatia hammering away at the goal so many times we just felt a little sorry for them, until this skillful dodge and sharp left footer gave them the lead (albeit not for ever!) They certainly made up for it against Spain (see goal 5)... 5. Ivan Perisic: Croatia Vs Spain Repetition - yes same player, but we were impressed. Not only had Spain not conceded a goal in 15 hrs 46 mins of play, they are the current reigning champions. So Croatia managed not one but two goals and the final goal to clinch the deal was by, yup Ivan wonder he took his shirt off! 6. Marek Hamsik: Slovakia Vs Russia Slovakia's Hamsik curled this goal off the far post in the 45th minute... 7. Zoltan Stieber: Hungary Vs Austria In their first major tournament appearance since 1986 Hungary scored twice against favourites Austria - and the second goal by Zoltan Stieber was nothing short of perfect...a brilliant cross followed by a great run and finish by Stieber. Their first European championship win since 1964 - well deserved! 8. Burak Yilmaz: Turkey Vs Czech Republic This win may not have secured them a place in the knock-out stages but it certainly brought them back to life. Probbaly most frustratingly for the Czech republic as they had more than double the number of shots on target than the Turks. But we can see here this goal was well set up by Emre Mor... 9. Armando Sadiku: Alabania Vs Romania Armando Sadiku's first-half goal made history for Albania - never having won a tournament game before - ever! This is the first time they have qualified for an international tournament, and after difficult matches against France and Switzerland they were jubilant in their third game... 10. Romelu Lukaku: Belgium Vs Republic of Ireland Creating the first and last goal in a 3-0 victory over Republic of Ireland was the job of Belgium's star striker Romelu Lukaku. This is the final goal of the game in the 70th minute, set up by Hazard for a simple effortless looking finish by Lukaku.


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