• Finding the perfect tennis ball

    Tennis Ball Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

    As the seasons change, sticking with the same ball might mean you're not playing your best game!  When the temperate drops, moisture levels increase and...

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  • Evolution of Sports Balls

    The Evolution of Sports Balls: From Leather to High-Tech Materials

    Sports balls have come a long way from their humble beginnings as leather sacks filled with animal bladders or hair. Over the years, the materials...

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  • Sports balls in youth development

    The Power of Sports Balls in Youth Development and Education

    Whether it's footballs, basketballs, rugby balls or tennis balls - most of us have fond memories of playing with these as kids. But beyond just...

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  • Glycerine Ball Care

    Glycerine Ball Care: Secrets to Extend Your Sports Balls' Lifespan

    Glycerine Ball Care: The Key to Ball Longevity Whether you're a football player, rugby player, netball player, or basketball player, you know that a properly...

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  • Football After Care

    After Match Football Care Advice

    After Match Football Do's and Dont's from Mitre Unless you are at a professional football club, taking good care of your footballs after a match...

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  • playing football

    Premier League Stadium Capacity 2021/22

    What are the current Premier League Stadium capacities? Every year the list of teams in the English Premier League changes following promotion and relegations from...

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  • All Time Premier League Table

    Virtual Premier League Since 1992

    Which Club Is The Most Successful Of The Premier League Era? We have often wondered which club is the most successful since the start of...

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  • Virtual Football League Division 1

    Virtual Football League - Championship - 21 To 44

    Did Your Football Club Make It Into Our Championship Virtual Football League? Our Virtual League of Leagues covers every club that has played in any...

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  • Virtual Football League Division 1 – 45 to 68

    Virtual Football League Division 1 – 45 to 68

    Who Made It Into The League Of All Leagues Positions 45 To 68? Did Your Football Club Make It Into The Ultimate League Division 1?...

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  • Ultimate Football League Division 2

    League Of All Football Leagues - 69 to 92

    What Teams Make It Into Division 2 Of The Ultimate League Of All Leagues? Now the season has officially finished I am able to announce...

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  • Cricket

    Which Test Venues Are Best For Cricket?

    Which Venue's Host Test Match Cricket In England and Wales? Which Test Venues Are Best For Cricket? I was asked to book tickets to an...

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  • Football League Through The Years Since 1992

    League Of All Football Leagues 93 To 113

    What Is The League Of All Leagues And Who Didn't Make The Top 92? Since the Premier League started in 1992 it has been dominated...

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