Tennis balls for Cricket coaching and Tennis ball machines.

Tennis balls for Cricket coaching and Tennis ball machines.

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We know most Cricket coaches use Tennis balls for coaching young cricketers. But where do you get good quality Tennis balls with consistent bounce. We have used, Slazenger training tennis 60 ball buckets , for some time now. We have used these, as the cheaper balls tend to have some loose objects inside the balls, this in turn gives an irregular flight and sometimes no bounce at all. One coach at my club bought some of the cheaper balls and ended up throwing them away, he said they were not good enough for his dog. It is good to know when giving your players, throw downs or bobble feeds, the balls will react in a consistent way, to enable you to build confidence in the batter. We once couldn't get hold of the Slazenger ball so had to purchase, Dunlop tennis training 60 ball buckets instead and they were an ideal replacement. For consistent coaching always go for quality equipment. This goes for Cricket coaching and Tennis coaching. Currently sportsballshop has an offer, purchase 4 buckets for £54.66 each.


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