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What you need to know about - Genuine Leather Basketballs

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A genuine leather basketball needs to be prepared and broken in to get the best out of it. We look at the pros and cons of buying a genuine leather basketball and is there a suitable alternative.

There are 3 types of basketball available in the UK, recreational, training and match basketballs. Most basketballs used are composite rubber which are hard wearing and suitable for training and matches. They are in most cases suitable for use indoors and out. However, there is a basketball that causes some debate, as to the best way to get value for money from what is an expensive purchase. Genuine leather basketballs are priced from £65 to £125 and we currently have them from leading brands Molten, Spalding and Baden.
Molten BGL Basketball
The feel of a genuine leather basketball is completely different to the composite balls. The leather balls are used in pro basketball games across the planet but, if you saw one in play, you would be right to question that you are buying the real deal. The truth is you are but, they do look and feel different, at this point. Match balls as used in top level games are supplied with genuine leather basketballs that have been meticulously prepared for their big day. The ball goes through a 90 day process to become fully match ready, this involves bouncing and passing for hours on end. The leather is eventually broken in over this period, becomes softer and is now suitable for use indoors.
So when you purchase your Molten BGL or Spalding NBA Official basketballs, you should be aware that you need to 'break in' the ball, before using in matches, to get the best out of it. The top basketballs also tend to come pre-inflated and should never be deflated as this could cause creasing of the leather surface, which is then incredibly difficult to reverse. So when making this purchase ask yourself "are you wiling to put the time in to prepare the ball for play?" . If not, you might be better off buying the next level of ball which for Molten would be the Molten BGGX which is FIBA approved and is the Official match ball for all competitive games for British Universities & College Sports (BUCS)


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