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  • Save -18% 10 x Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs and a Bag

    Lusum 10 x Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs and a Bag

    This 10-ball basketball combo of Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs includes 10 basketballs and a Lusum Breathable Ball Bag. The balls are already proving popular with schools and clubs, but they also make excellent, durable street basketball for use at home. The 8-panel basketball is manufactured to the highest specs and has a stunning red, white, and blue design. Premium rubber construction for superior durabilityDeep pebble pattern and improved channels for optimum grip and controlButyl bladder to maintain optimal ball pressure and shape retentionSuitable for use on all surfaces and abilitiesAvailable in sizes 5, 6, and 7Includes 10 balls and a Lusum breathable ball bag.


  • Save -11% Mitre Intercept Training Netballs 10 Ball Pack Mitre Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Mitre Mitre Intercept Training Netballs 10 Ball Pack

    Maximize Your Training with Mitre Intercept Netballs: Get your hands on the preferred choice for clubs and schools with our 10 ball pack. Exceptional value for educators and coaches. High-quality 18-panel construction with a high-performance latex bladder. Soft feel wave emboss for an enhanced grip and serious training. Choose from size 4 or 5 to match your training requirements. Consistent stock with the Mitre Attack ball as a reliable alternative. Invest in quality. Elevate your game with Sports Ball Shop's exclusive Mitre Intercept Training Netballs.


  • Save -32% Buy 48 x Lusum Dimple Hockey Training Balls with Ball Bag

    Lusum 48 x Lusum Dimple Training Hockey Balls and Ball Bag

    Quality Training Pack: This exclusive offer features 48 Lusum Dimple hockey training balls designed for endurance and performance, ideal for clubs or schools. Convenient Storage: Included is a robust, Breathable Lusum hockey ball bag (design may vary) that comfortably holds all 48 balls. Versatile Colour Choices: Customize your pack with either 24 white and 24 orange, 48 all white, or 48 all orange balls to suit your training needs. Note: Cones are not included but are available for separate purchase. Ball color preference can be indicated at the time of order.


  • Save -40% Lusum 12 Ball Hockey Balls Pack - Premium Training Balls

    Lusum Lusum 12 Ball Hockey Pack

    The Lusum Dimpled Hockey Balls is an exceptional choice for club and school-level training, designed for durability and performance. Now available in a cost-effective 12-ball pack, in vibrant orange or classic white. Optimized for training at clubs and schools. All-weather durability for consistent performance on any surface. Choose from White, Orange, or a Mixed pack to suit your style.


  • Save -18% Rhino Cyclone Rugby 10 Ball Pack

    Rhino 10 x Rhino Cyclone Rugby Ball Pack

    This Rhino rugby ball set includes 10 Rhino Cyclone rugby balls and a heavy-duty Lusum breathable ball bag. The Cyclone balls have an impressive 3-dimensional grip (3D), which adds to the durability of the ball and gives it a longer life. The Cyclone rugby ball is a rugby union ball and has a 3-ply laminated construction, which isn't often available at this price point. The outer layer is constructed from a mix of natural and synthetic rubber, making this one of the best training balls available. The ball is hand stitched and is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5. The pack includes:10 x Rhino Cyclone training rugby balls in sizes 3, 4, or 5 1 x Lusum breathable ball bag Many of the clubs and schools we supply insist on ball packs that include 10 balls and a bag. If you need a different quantity, please let us know.


  • Save -11% Gilbert APT 10 Ball Netball Pack Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert APT 10 Ball Netball Pack

    Discover the Gilbert APT 10 Ball Netball Pack at Sports Ball Shop. This pack includes a durable netball set with a breathable bag, ideal for outdoor use and perfect for both schools and clubs. Choose from sizes 4 and 5 to match your team's needs. High-quality hard-wearing rubber netball Includes 10 vibrant fluoro-colored Gilbert APT netballs Comes with a sturdy, red Gilbert Breathable ball bag Nylon-wound construction for longevity Butyl bladder ensures consistent bounce and shape retention Suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals Maintain the quality of your netballs with proper care: check air pressure regularly, avoid rough surfaces, rotate usage, and never sit on inflated balls. Order your pack today and elevate your netball training sessions!


  • Save -9%Low stock! Gilbert Pulse 5 Ball Pack With Bag Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Pulse 5 Ball Pack With Bag

    Probably the best way to buy your clubs netballs. This 5 ball pack has one of the most durable training netballs complete with a 5 ball tube carrier.The Gilbert Pulse Netball Balls with Bag is a great training ball and is available in size 4 or 5. You also have the choice of colors pink or Multi Colour. The netball tube will hold 5 fully inflated balls and has a side vent and drawstring closer. Entry level match/training ball Blended rubber surface Cotton laminate construction Synthetic latex bladder Duragrip pimple configuration Hydratec Suitable for clubs and schools Available in sizes 4 and 5 Caring for your ball: Check the psi before each use Avoid use on rough surfaces Do not sit on inflated balls


  • Save -22% Kookaburra 24 Hockey Balls Package Kookaburra Hockey Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Kookaburra Kookaburra 24 Hockey Balls Package

    The Kookaburra 24 hockey ball package is designed to offer 24 high quality hockey balls and a ball bag at an affordable price. The Kookaburra Flare hockey balls are ideal for training and recreational use, featuring an eye catching design and a durable exterior. The balls have a metallic finish for enhanced visibility and both the blue and pink balls are very attractive and can be used on different surfaces. This package contains: 1 x Kookaburra hockey ball bag 12 x blue Kookaburra Flare hockey balls 12 x pink Kookaburra Flare hockey balls


  • Save -15% Kookaburra Ultimate Hockey Balls Package Kookaburra Hockey Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Kookaburra Kookaburra Ultimate Hockey Balls Package

    The Kookaburra Ultimate Hockey Balls package is the ideal package for anyone looking to buy a number of high quality hockey balls at an affordable price. This fantastic package contains:12 pink Kookaburra White Burra smooth hockey balls 12 blue Kookaburra Orange Burra smooth hockey balls 12 white Kookaburra Swirl Burra smooth hockey balls 1 Kookaburra ball bag. This impressive hockey ball package is great for training and recreational use.


  • Save -17% Kookaburra 18 Hockey Ball Package Kookaburra Hockey Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Kookaburra Kookaburra 18 Hockey Ball Package

    The Kookaburra 18 Hockey Ball Package is a much more cost effective way of buying Balls and Equipment for your Club or School.The Kookaburra Dimple Saturn Hockey Ball is made to the highest standard amongst training balls and is aimed at General School or Club Practice Matches. The Kookaburra Dimple Standard Hockey Ball is a popular choice amongst Clubs and Schools and in matches rather than training sessions. The Kookaburra Hockey Bag is a durable long lasting bag designed to hold all of your Hockey Balls in an easily portable manner. Includes 6 x Orange Dimple Saturn Hockey Balls Includes 6 x White Dimple Saturn Hockey Balls Includes 3 x Orange Dimple Standard Hockey Balls Includes 3 x White Dimple Standard Hockey Balls Includes 1 x Hockey Bag


  • Save -11% Mitre Rugby Training Kit

    Mitre Mitre Rugby Club Pack Size 5

    This Mitre Rugby Training Kit was designed by two qualified rugby coaches, who wanted to offer a great rugby start up set for schools and clubs working with players aged 14 and above. The Mitre Club pack contains the following:8 x Mitre Sabre training rugby balls size 5 Blue/White 2 x Mitre Maori Match rugby balls 1 x set of 50 Space marker cones and holder1 x Heavy duty Mitre 12 ball bag 1 x Double action ball pump and needle adaptor Now only available in size 5.


  • Save -21% Mitre Rugby Club Pack

    Mitre Mitre Rugby Club Pack Size 4

    This Mitre Rugby Training Kit was made by rugby coaches to offer a great start up set for schools and clubs, with everything from rugby balls to marker cones. This pack is size 4 and is suitable for use with players aged 9 to 14 years. The Club pack contains the following items:8 x Mitre Sabre rugby training balls size 4 in White/Blue2 x Mitre Maori Match rugby balls size 41 x Set 50 Mitre Space marker cones1 x Mitre Heavy duty 12 ball bag1 x Double action ball pump and needle adaptor Size 5 packs are also available.


  • Save -19% Lusum Rugby Coaching Pack

    Lusum Lusum Rugby Coaching Pack

    The Lusum rugby coaching pack is the best value coaching pack available. Available in size 4 or 5, this pack contains the essentials for a season of high quality rugby.Contents as follows: 10 x Lusum Munifex training rugby balls (Size 4 are Green/Navy, Size 5 are Blue/Navy) 2 x Lusum Optio match rugby balls 1 x set of 50 space marker cones and stand 1 x high quality breathable ball bag The Lusum rugby are recognised as offering exceptional quality balls for a realistic price, as Lusum do not spend vast sums on sponsorship, so the savings are passed directly to grassroots rugby.


  • Save -59% 30 x Lusum Rugby Training Balls and Bags

    Lusum 30 x Lusum Rugby Training Balls and Bags

    Due to popular demand, we have now created a great-value club bulk rugby balls pack containing 10 x size 3, 10 x size 4, and 10 x size 5 Lusum Munifex Rugby Training Balls and 3 x Mesh ball sacks. These balls are one of the highest-spec training rugby balls available today, and this combination ensures your club saves even more. The balls are all 3-ply polyester and cotton, with a high air retention bladder. Most training balls in this price range are only 2-ply and will not last as long as the Lusum Munifex balls. The outer has the durable Max Gain grip configuration and ensures the balls are just as good in wet or dry weather. Each size is colour-coded to allow the coach to easily identify their own age group rugby balls. Size 3 - Red/Navy Size 4 - Green/Navy Size 5 - Blue/Navy Give them a try, you will not be disappointed with their durability and quality.


  • Save -9% Lusum Rubber Basketball Case of 30

    Lusum Lusum Rubber Basketball Case of 30

    The Lusum Rubber Basketball is a high-quality basketball suitable for use on all surfaces. The ball comes in a basketball combo case of 30 balls, and this is the best way to purchase if you are looking for a large quantity of basketballs. Trade prices so you get the best value. The rubber basketballs are available in sizes 5, 6, and 7, and each basketball combo case contains 30 of the ball sizes specified. The 8-panel ball has become a popular choice for schools, clubs, and for use at home, and the red, white, and blue colourway make it stand out in poor lighting conditions. The Lusum Basketball has great shape retention qualities and the best Butyl bladder available.


We have worked closely with coaches of many sports and have realised that they are often looking for a little bit extra, when purchasing balls. Schools too have had their budgets tightened so buying balls isn't always top of their list. We believe players young and old, deserve to train and play with the best, so we have devised some fantastic packages offering the best balls and bags at an even better price.

We offer top brands including Molten, Slazenger, Gilbert, Dunlop, Mitre, Readers, Kookaburra, Mikasa and Grays in packages that coaches and school teachers have said they want. Training balls and match ball coaching packs with a ball bag to help keep the balls in top condition when being stored or in transit.

If you cannot find a package that suits your requirements, please do let us know and we can help you create a coaching pack, that is perfect for you.


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