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  • Save -30%Low stock! 24 Pack Readers Windball - Pink By Sports Ball Shop

    Readers 24 Pack Readers Windball - Pink

    This is the most popular Windball in our coaches kitbag. It appeals to both sexes and is bright and durable. Great to use in Kwik Cricket tournaments and is recommended for use at the foundation level of cricket. Super soft plastic feel. Excellent durability and quality. Ideal when coaching skills and for general practice. Available in both adult and youth sizes.


  • Save -27% Kookaburra 12 Hockey Ball Package Kookaburra Hockey Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Kookaburra Kookaburra 12 Hockey Ball Package

    The Kookaburra 12 Hockey Ball Package is ideal for Clubs and Schools saving you money compared to buying the balls individually.The Saturn Dimple Hockey Balls are designed for Practice Matches and feature an impressive PVC cast. Kookaburra 12 Hockey Ball Package includes 12 Dimple Saturn Hockey Balls Choice of colours either White, Orange, Pink or Yellow


  • Save -9% 10 x Gilbert Pulse Training Netballs Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert 10 x Gilbert Pulse Training Netballs

    Discover the exceptional Gilbert Pulse Training Netballs, now offered in an economical 10 ball package, attainable with or without a bag.  Synthetic latex bladder for noteworthy consistency and feel.  Choose from size 5 or size 4 balls to best fit your team's needs.  Optional Lusum 10 ball breathable ball bag in pink or multi-color. Optimized for entry-level matches and training sessions:  Blended rubber surface for improved grip.  Cotton laminate construction assures durability.  Duragrip pimple configuration enhances ball control.  Hydratec technology to maintain shape and playability.  Appropriate for both clubs and educational institutions.  Obtainable in both sizes 4 and 5 to accommodate all age groups. Maintain your netballs in top condition:  Regular psi checks are recommended before each use.  Avoid usage on abrasive surfaces to extend lifespan.  Refrain from sitting on inflated balls to prevent deformation.  Ensure even usage by rotating the balls in your collection.

    £112.99 - £118.99

  • Save -9% Gilbert Pulse 5 Ball Pack With Bag Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Pulse 5 Ball Pack With Bag

    Probably the best way to buy your clubs netballs. This 5 ball pack has one of the most durable training netballs complete with a 5 ball tube carrier.The Gilbert Pulse Netball Balls with Bag is a great training ball and is available in size 4 or 5. You also have the choice of colors pink or Multi Colour. The netball tube will hold 5 fully inflated balls and has a side vent and drawstring closer. Entry level match/training ball Blended rubber surface Cotton laminate construction Synthetic latex bladder Duragrip pimple configuration Hydratec Suitable for clubs and schools Available in sizes 4 and 5 Caring for your ball: Check the psi before each use Avoid use on rough surfaces Do not sit on inflated balls


  • Save -17% 10 x Mitre Attack Netball Mitre Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Mitre 10 x Mitre Attack Netball

    The Mitre Attack is one of the most eye catching netballs available, with bright colours and great graphics and is one of the most popular training balls in the UK. The Attack is available in sizes 4 and 5. This netball is used in schools and clubs across the UK as it is a reliable choice for training and junior matches. This pack contains 10 x Mitre Attack netballs in a choice of pink or yellow. We have now added an option to buy this 10 ball pack with or without a bag. The bag is a Lusum 10 ball breathable bag and is capable of holding up to 10 fully inflated size 5 netballs.

    £84.90 - £90.99

  • Save -17% Buy 4 x Mitre Oasis Netballs Pack | Sports Ball Shop

    Mitre 4 x Mitre Oasis Netballs with Bag and Pump

    Exceptional Training Pack: 4 x Mitre Oasis Netballs Pack with Bag & PumpExclusively for clubs and schools Size 5 netballs only Choose between vibrant orange or pink colors Durable Design: Fully moulded, pimple embossed Mitre Oasis netballs ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Convenient Carry: High-quality Mitre tubular ball bag fitted with shoulder strap & drawstring closure. Effortless Inflation: Comes with a reliable Mitre ball pump, including a needle adapter. Limited Stock Offer: Unbeatable value - get your pack while supplies last!


  • Save -50% Lusum Optio 10 Ball Match Pack

    Lusum Lusum Optio 10 Ball Match Pack

    The Lusum Optio has a contemporary design and is a high-class match ball. The vibrant colour and design improves visibility, ensuring players are able to see the ball earlier and for longer. The Optio utilises the Max Grain grip, which is proven to perform well in wet or dry conditions. The ball is constructed using high-quality materials and has a super bladder and three-ply polycotton and cotton panels. These are covered with a silica-reinforced rubber coating to improve grip and handling. This ball is a great alternative to the Gilbert Omega ball and is much more affordable. This rugby ball set comes with the following:10 x Lusum Optio Match rugby balls1 x Lusum Breathable Ball Carry Bag The Optio Match rugby ball consists of:3-Ply Super Barbarian TechnologySilica-reinforced rubber surfaceTop quality in seam bladder Highly visible match ball Max Grain grip Pre-Kicked to ensure it is match readyAvailable in Red and BlackAvailable in sizes 4 and 5


  • Save -26% AeroBall Incrediballs 24 Pack With a Lusum Bag

    Aero AeroBall Incrediballs 24 Pack With a Lusum Bag

    Originally known as the Easton Incrediball, when Easton withdrew from cricket, these Incrediball Cricket Balls were rebranded as AeroBalls. The quality is the same, and they continue to be the best Incrediball Cricket Balls available. This pack includes 24 Incrediball Cricket Balls, and they are available in a choice of styles and sizes. You can order any of the following:AeroBall Club in red or pink in youth or senior sizes.AeroBall Trainer balls are available in youth or senior sizes and have one half in red and the other in yellow to help bowlers understand the swing and spin dynamics of a cricket ball.AeroBall Match Weight is available in youth or senior sizes and is weighted to replicate a real cricket ball. The outer surface has real stitching and has a PVC cover. The Club and Trainer balls have a soft core, so they can be used in training and coaching sessions. Also suitable for use indoors and outdoors.


We have worked closely with coaches of many sports and have realised that they are often looking for a little bit extra, when purchasing balls. Schools too have had their budgets tightened so buying balls isn't always top of their list. We believe players young and old, deserve to train and play with the best, so we have devised some fantastic packages offering the best balls and bags at an even better price.

We offer top brands including Molten, Slazenger, Gilbert, Dunlop, Mitre, Readers, Kookaburra, Mikasa and Grays in packages that coaches and school teachers have said they want. Training balls and match ball coaching packs with a ball bag to help keep the balls in top condition when being stored or in transit.

If you cannot find a package that suits your requirements, please do let us know and we can help you create a coaching pack, that is perfect for you.


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