Lusum Hockey Balls

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  • Save -32% Buy 48 x Lusum Dimple Hockey Training Balls with Ball Bag

    Lusum 48 x Lusum Dimple Training Hockey Balls and Ball Bag

    Quality Training Pack: This exclusive offer features 48 Lusum Dimple hockey training balls designed for endurance and performance, ideal for clubs or schools. Convenient Storage: Included is a robust, Breathable Lusum hockey ball bag (design may vary) that comfortably holds all 48 balls. Versatile Colour Choices: Customize your pack with either 24 white and 24 orange, 48 all white, or 48 all orange balls to suit your training needs. Note: Cones are not included but are available for separate purchase. Ball color preference can be indicated at the time of order.


  • Save -40% Lusum 12 Ball Hockey Balls Pack - Premium Training Balls

    Lusum Lusum 12 Ball Hockey Pack

    The Lusum Dimpled Hockey Balls is an exceptional choice for club and school-level training, designed for durability and performance. Now available in a cost-effective 12-ball pack, in vibrant orange or classic white. Optimized for training at clubs and schools. All-weather durability for consistent performance on any surface. Choose from White, Orange, or a Mixed pack to suit your style.


  • Save -42% Lusum Dimpled Hockey Ball Orange Lusum Hockey Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Dimpled Hockey Ball Orange

    Many clubs spend a fortune on over priced hockey balls. Lusum are trying to help clubs save £1000's by producing quality hockey training balls without the big price tag. No money is wasted on marketing and sponsorship so clubs can buy balls at their true value.The Lusum Dimpled Hockey Ball is available in orange and white. This is the orange ball and is produced specifically for use in training at club and schools level. Very durable in all weather conditions and on all surfaces.


  • Save -42% Lusum Dimpled Hockey Ball White Lusum Hockey Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Dimpled Hockey Ball White

    The Lusum Dimpled Hockey Ball is available in 2 colours - white and orange. This Lusum Dimpled Hockey Ball is the white one and is suitable for use on all surfaces and is durable in all temperatures. Ideal for use in club and school hockey.Durable Lusum Dimpled Hockey Balls without a huge spend are hard to find but as Lusum do not spend a penny on marketing or sponsorship, the cost of the ball is a true value, saving clubs and schools hundreds of pounds a year.


Lusum Hockey Balls
Although relatively new to the sports scene, Lusum have quickly developed a range of balls that offer quality without the huge price tag. Lusum insist on refraining to enter into sponsorship and marketing deals, to ensure the price you pay for the balls they offer, is the true value and not inflated by these huge costs. Around 25% of the cost of some over hyped balls are directly related to the cost of the marketing and sponsorship budget, Lusum ask why should clubs pay this premium.

Lusum Hockey balls have the same ethos. Lusum have 2 hockey training balls and a match quality ball available at this time and these are designed to work well in all conditions at club and school hockey. The price makes them affordable whilst also being durable in all temperatures


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