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  • Save -18% 10 x Rhino Cyclone Rugby Ball Pack

    Rhino 10 x Rhino Cyclone Rugby Ball Pack

    Many of the clubs and schools we supply, insist on ball packs to include 10 balls and a bag. If you need a different quantity please do let us know. The Rhino Cyclone rugby training ball pack includes 10 Rhino Cyclone rugby balls and a heavy duty Lusum breathable ball bag. The Cyclone balls have an impressive 3 dimensional grip (3D) which adds to the durability of the ball and gives it a longer life. The Cyclone rugby ball is a RUGBY UNION ball and has a 3 ply laminated construction which isn't often available at this price point. The outer layer is constructed from a mix of natural and synthetic rubber, making this one of the best training balls available. The ball is hand stitched and is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5. Pack includes : 10 x Rhino Cyclone training rugby balls in size 3, 4 or 5 1 x Lusum breathable ball bag


  • Save -35% Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball

    Rhino Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball

    The Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball is a great training ball to practice skills at home or if you are on your own. All you need is a Rhino Reflex Rugby Ball and a wall. I have tried this and it is a great way to improve your passing and catching technique. You pass the ball onto a wall and the ball rebounds to the passer. This Rhino Reflex ball is half a rugby ball and you pass with the flat end towards the wall. The ball then comes back for you to catch. This training aid gives you hours of fun and helps you improve your rugby passing skills so quickly. You can make the degree of difficulty harder by moving further away from the wall, as you then need to pass the ball harder so it rebounds back far enough to catch.


  • Save -31% Rhino Cyclone Training Rugby Ball

    Rhino Rhino Cyclone Training Rugby Ball

    The Rhino Cyclone rugby balls is a great quality training balls suitable for use in clubs and schools in RUGBY UNION, across the world. Rhino have an amazing reputation for producing rugby balls to a high specification and the Cyclone is no different. The ball has a durable 3 dimensional grip which makes the ball last longer and is suitable for use in all weather conditions.We have the Cyclone rugby ball in sizes 3 , 4 and 5. The balls are hand stitched which is a good sign of quality as any imperfections are spotted at an early stage. The ball is constructed with a blend of natural and synthetic rubber which is combined and then a 3 ply laminate is heat sealed to the rubber outer to form a great bond and a truly balanced rugby ball


Rhino Rugby Balls
Rhino are one of the world's leading rugby brands, producing high quality rugby balls for club, school and elite rugby. Rhino are suppliers to many rugby nations and have a ball that is suitable for your budget and ability.

We stock a range of Rhino balls with many available in packs of 10 balls or more with a bag. If you want a larger quantity than shown please let us know and we would be happy to quote for your club. Rugby balls are available in most cases in sizes 3, 4 and 5.


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