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    Rhino Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball

    The Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball is a fantastic training ball to practice skills at home or if you are on your own. All you need is a Rhino Reflex Rugby Ball and a wall - it’s a great way to improve your passing and catching technique. You pass the ball onto a wall, and the ball rebounds to the passer. This Rhino Reflex ball is half a normal Rhino rugby ball, and you pass with the flat end towards the wall. The ball then comes back for you to catch. This training aid gives you hours of fun and helps you improve your rugby passing skills so quickly. You can make the degree of difficulty harder by moving further away from the wall, as you then need to pass the ball harder, so it rebounds back far enough to catch.


Rugby Tackle Bags And Equipment
We stock a wide range of rugby tackle bags, contact wedge's and rugby training equipment. The tackle bags and wedge's are suitable for all standards of player in youth and adult rugby. All of the equipment we carry are manufactured from water resistant fabric and most have a foam interior which are constructed to the highest standards.

These tackle bags are used in professional rugby across the world but most are also seen in local clubs and schools too.

Whether you are looking for tackle bags, contact wedge's, contact body suits, tag belts or any other type of rugby training equipment we should have it in this section. If not, please do let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to quote.


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