Caring For Your Basketball

There are many different materials used when constructing and manufacturing a basketball but caring for your basketball will extend its use.
Balls are made from natural leathers, synthetic leathers and rubber compounds. The way you clean your basketball will differ from each material.

A basketball constructed with natural leather will be more expensive and should be cleaned gently using a small amount of specially designed leather cleaner. Ensure you use the correct cleaner, as using a cleaner that is too harsh may remove the natural oils within the leather, increasing the chances of your ball cracking. Pour a small amount of cleaner onto a soft cloth, then wipe off any leftover leather cleaner and polish the surface. If your leather ball has excess mud stains, use a liberal amount of water and high-quality leather shampoo. Using the shampoo will again ensure the oils are retained within the leather. After washing, leave the ball to dry in a well-ventilated place away from the sun.

For Synthetic leather and rubber basketballs it is likely these simple steps will ensure your ball lasts longer.

1. Wipe the ball down with a wet or damp cloth
2. Wipe the ball using a small amount of soap or detergent, on the cloth
3. Wipe the surface of the ball with a soft, damp cloth.
4. Pat the ball dry with a clean dry towel.

For tougher stains you may have to repeat the steps above, more than once.
It is advised to only use a small amount of cleaner, as excessive use may result in the colours fading. Never leave your basketball standing in water and only dry the ball using a clean dry towel or by placing the ball in a warm well ventilated room but, never in direct sunlight.

Top 6 tips for the care of your basketball

1. Never store your ball in a car boot for lengthy periods. High temperatures can result in the quality materials, used during manufacture, to fail.
2. After use, ensure you clean and dry your ball. If you store your ball when still wet, it may develop unsightly stains and markings, which are almost impossible to remove.
3. Use more than one ball when training, as this will give the balls chance to recover and extend their useful life.
4. Only use cleaners and detergents recommended for the material of your ball. i.e. natural leather cleaner for a natural leather ball.
5. Store your dry basketballs in a purpose design, vented ball bag, when not being used.
6. Ensure your ball is pumped up before use, to the correct pressure (PSI). This information is usually printed on the ball. Better quality balls such as the Molten BGL come pre-inflated.

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