Caring For Your Hockey Ball

Looking after your hockey balls will extend the life of the ball giving you better value for your purchase. For both dimpled and smooth balls it is every important thast they are not exposed to extrem temperatures. This can often be difficult as hockey is played during the long cold, dark Winter months but, some measures can be taken to extend the life of your hockey balls.

Hockey balls are used on Grass, water based and sand based artificial pitches so, the conditions that affect your ball will be different depending on the surfaced played on. If you regularly play on grass or water based pitches we recommend the following ball care:

Wipe the hockey ball dry after play and store in a dry bag.
Do not use or store in extreme cold temperatures.
Regularly wash your ball with a light detergent and warm water. Washing up liquid will suffice. Then wipe dry before storing.

If you play on sand based pitches, the biggest problem will be grains of sand, becoming embedded into the face of the ball. This can and should be removed as often as you can by using a sponge with one coarse side (such as a washing up sponge). Then gently wash with warm water and soap then dry completely before storing.

Remember most hockey balls become more fragile and can break easier when temperatures drop below freezing point so, bare that in mind when looking for a place to store your hockey balls. Unless you garage or shed is insulated, they probably aren't ideal for storing your balls.

Cheaper balls tend to have a hollow core which can react differently in cold weather. More expensive balls, such as the Kookaburra Elite ball, often have a solid or cork core which make them more consistant in any weather condition.

For more information about hockey balls please use our Hockey Ball Buying Guide

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