Korfball Buying Guide

Ball buying guide for korfball.

Korfball is one of the fastest growing minority sports in Europe. It is a game often referred to as a cross between basketball and netball. The game was invented by Nico Broekhuysen of Holland in 1902. Unlike netball and basketball, the game is mixed sex. Teams of 4 men and 4 women compete against eachother, with players only able to attack and defend members of the same sex. It is a great way of encouraging mixed sport at school. For more details on how to play the game go to:

What is Korfball?

In the UK there are two manufacturers of Korfballs, Mikasa and Molten. Both companies have balls approved by the International Korfball Federation (IKF).

Molten have one approved ball, the IS5SL model, which is the official korfball for the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS). It is a Polyurethane leather Korfball which is scuff resistant and waterproof. It is only available in size 5 and is made in Thailand.

Mikasa are the biggest supplier of Korfballs in the UK and have been awarded the rights to supply the international ball, K5-IKF. Mikasa have their balls manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan
Until recently Mikasa produced 3 different balls the K5, K5-FX and KT5-FT. These balls were used by all clubs within the UK as match and training balls. The K5 used to be the official match ball with the KT5-FT a similar ball with a different grip design. The K5-FX was a special design introduced for the Dutch league.

All approved korfballs are to have two colours integrated into their design, until the new blue and yellow K5-IKF, the colours were always black and white. With the introduction of the K5-IKF ball, most clubs tend to use it for training and matches. It was originally available in size 4 and 5 only but a new size 3 is to be introduced by the end of September. The new colours assist the player to see the ball better in poor light and the improved grip design, gives the player a better feel.

The size 3 ball is to be used for players up to and including aged 9. The Korf post height is set at 2.5 metres. The size 3 korfball is to be between 59cm and 60cm in circumference and weigh between 310g and 330g when fully inflated.

The size 4 ball is to be used for players from 10 to 15. The Korf post height is set at 3 metres for under 11's and at 3.5 metres for under 13's. The size 4 korfball is to be between 64cm and 66cm in circumference and weigh between 370g and 390g when fully inflated.

The size 5 ball is for players over 15, with a korf post height set at 3.5 metres. The size 5 korfball is to be between 68cm and 70.5cm in circumference and weigh between 445g and 475g when fully inflated.


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