Medicine Ball Buying Guide

We have a wide range of medicine balls from Fitness Mad and Precision Training ranging from 0.5kg soft weights to 10kg double handled rubber medicine balls. There are so many different exercises you can do with a medicine ball it can be quite confusing knowing which type is best for you. Some examples of exercises you can do with medicine balls are (please note this is just a small selection of exercises you can try):

    • Medicine ball slams.
    • Medicine ball push press.
    • Russian twist with medicine ball.
    • Tricep extension.
    • Toe Touches.
    • Pushups using the medicine ball to balance on.
    • The plank using the medicine ball to balance your feet on.

      For example if you are doing medicine ball slams and you are using it on a hard surface you will need to go for the softer medicine ball. However if you are doing slams on to a padded matted area for example in a gym you could get away with the harder ball. Also this can be a preference on how easy you find holding the medicine ball too.

      Some of the softer medicine balls have grip on them almost like a tractor tyre grip which makes them easier to lift and throw.

      You will also want to make sure you are using the ideal weight for you and the exercise your looking to do, so you may want to have a couple of medicine balls at differing weights to allow you to swap between them.

      Medicine balls are available in weights ranging from 1kg - 10kgs and you can also purchase some with handles on either side which offers easier holding and lifting. These would not be practical for exercises where you are throwing or slamming the ball though.

      It is also possible to get soft weights from
 Fitness Mad
      , which are ball shaped but much smaller. These are designed for strengthening, plyometric, rehabilitation, balance and mobilization fitness sessions. They are 12cm in diameter and are available in 3 different weights 0.5kg, 1kg and 1.5kg. Due to the soft feel and design these are small enough to be held in one hand and are easy to grip for those that may struggle with the larger sized balls. The soft weights are very popular with physio's for rehabilitation of their clients and for personal use in your home.

      We currently stock ranges of medicine balls from Precision Training and Fitness Mad and our complete range can be found in our
 Medicine Ball 


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