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The Club Sponsorship Guide

Rugby Balls

Rugby Balls

Rugby is one of the UK's favourite sports, attracting large audiences to domestic, youth and international games. Rugby as a youth sport has developed significantly over the last decade in the UK, helping to improve the amount and calibre of young players being introduced into the game.

Sports Ball Shop are committed to providing an unrivalled range of rugby balls, featuring the leading brands and a variety of prices, sizes and specification.

Gilbert have been involved with the sport since 1823 and have been supplying the official rugby world cup ball since 1995. They were again the supplier for the 2011 rugby world cup in New Zealand. They are also acknowledged as the official match ball supplier and are the prefered choice for 8 of the top 10 rugby playing nations, including England, South Africa and Australia.

Gilbert Rugby Balls

Lusum balls were created in 2011, by a group of players, coaches and technicians including an aerodynamicist. The coaches were frustrated at paying for balls that were obviously marked up to cover sponsorship deals.

Lusum decided to never pay sports sponsorships to players, clubs or leagues like other brands do. Because Lusum does not pay sponsorship, you pay up to 25% less for your ball - without having to compromise on the quality and performance.

Lusum Rugby Balls

Mitre is one of the best known rugby manufacturers in the world, producing and distributing thousands of balls across the world each year. If you're looking for high quality, long lasting training balls that represents excellent value for money, then Mitre is the brand for you.

Mitre Rugby Balls

The name of Webb Ellis has been associated with rugby since 1823. Their head office is still located in the birthplace town of Rugby. Webb Ellis are continuing to analyse hundreds of hours of footage to guage the performance of their balls, in all conditions.

They then use this data to produce rugby balls suitable for all levels of the game. Technology is always changing yet Webb Ellis still manage to be a leader and their RAPRA engineered rubber formula is a fine example. This formula is designed to repel water, to ensure the player gets the best grip in wet conditions.

Webb Ellis Rugby Balls

Steeden was first established in Queensland Australia, in1958 by Ray Steeden. They produced leather footballs that are now the world's biggest brand in Rugby League. Steeden is now not under the control of the Grays family which also includes Gilbert Rugby, as the Steeden brand is managed within Europe by a new independent company.

Steeden were the official ball supplier to the Rugby League World Cup 2013.

Steeden Rugby Balls