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Which Club Is The Most Successful Of The Premier League Era?

We have often wondered which club is the most successful since the start of the Premier league. Prior to that I recall Liverpool being dominant but since 1992, how have they faired. How many clubs have played every year in the Premiership? We have collated every league position since the start of the Premier League and created a virtual table. It is interesting to see the mix of clubs that make up the league of all leagues. But, how does you club rank and did they make the cut? What London club takes top spot?

Manchester City or Manchester United? Which Club Is Best?

Red or blue? I have no allegiance to any club currently playing in the Premier League. I just love football and when City and United are at their best, it's great to watch. Over the last few years City have had major investment and have been transformed into arguably the most entertaining football club in the world. Looking back to 1998/99 season, they started life in division 2 (Now known as Div 1). So the question of which is best should read, which is the most successful in the Premiership? I was surprised to see City down in 8th but spending time out of the top division impacted their average position of 12.1034. United though have never played outside of the Premier League, with their lowest position of 7th back in 2013/14. This was the 1st year of David Moyes reign, one that he didn't see the end of.

So Manchester United are the most successful club since the Premier League started with an average position of 2.3103. Having said that they have won the title since 2012/13 but their consistency is there to be seen. They have won the Premiership 13 times with Chelsea and Manchester City winning 5 each.

Virtual Premier League Top 5
Position Club Season's In Premier League Average League Position Currently Under or Over Acheiving
1 Manchester United 29 2.3103 Over-achieving
2 Arsenal 29 4.0345 Under-achieving
3 Liverpool 29 4.4138 Over-achieving
4 Chelsea 29 4.6897 Under-achieving
5 Tottenham Hotspur 29 7.5517 Over-achieving

There are 4 London clubs in our virtual Premier League and Arsenal come out ahead of Spurs, West Ham and Crystal Palace. Arsenal have won 3 titles which boosted their average league position to 4.0345. So to finish the last 2 seasons in 8th place, suggests they are seriously underachieving. Something their fans would agree with, I am sure. Tottenham have spent huge sums on their stunning new stadium, which will increase their revenue, when fans a fully allowed back. They have also invested heavily in high profile managers, which hasn't reaped the rewards hoped. However Spurs are a model of consistency and have an average league position of 7.5517. This is incredible given they have never actually won the title and their highest position was 2nd.

Virtual Premier League Positions 6 to 10
Position Club Season's In Premier League Average League Position Currently Under or Over Acheiving
6 Everton 29 10.2069 Over-achieving
7 Newcastle United 26 11.2414 Under-achieving
8 Manchester City 24 12.1034 Over-achieving
9 Aston Villa 26 12.1724 Over-achieving
10 West Ham United 25 13.3448 Over-achieving

Everton join the top 5 as the only clubs to have played every year of the Premier league since it started back in 1992. Newcastle fans have for years claimed they are underachieving. They claim the lack of investment says they have no ambition. In 2020/21 season they finished 12th, which is a shade under their average of 11.2414. They certainly have a big fan base and we wonder could they be the next Manchester City, with new owners? Fans of other clubs often mock Newcastle, as they claim to be a big club but are seen to be underachieving. This virtual table says otherwise though and maybe they are the sleeping giant their fans claim them to be.

Virtual Premier League Positions 11 to 15
Position Club Season's In Premier League Average League Position Currently Under or Over Acheiving
11 Southampton 22 18.8276 Over-achieving
12 Blackburn Rovers 18 19 Under-achieving
13 Leicester City 14 20.4483 Over-achieving
14 Middlesborough 14 20.8276 Under-achieving
15 Leeds United 13 22.8276 Over-achieving

Amongst the teams sitting in our virtual Premier League in positions 11 to 15 are title winners. Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City have won the Premier League once each, Blackburn in 1994/95 and Leicester in 2015/16.

Virtual Premier League Positions 16 to 20
Position Club Season's In Premier League Average League Position Currently Under or Over Acheiving
16 Sunderland 16 23.5172 Under-achieving
17 West Bromwich Albion 13 23.5862 Over-achieving
18 Crystal Palace 12 24.5172 Over-achieving
19 Norwich city 9 25.7586 Over-achieving
20 Wolverhampton Wanderers 6 25.7931 Over-achieving

Fortunes at Sunderland recently have seem the team struggle financially, but new owners may just bring some sparkle back to the North East club. Their average league position would have them sitting high in the Championship, however they currently play in div 1. Only 4 clubs that make the Virtual Premier League were not playing in the real League in 20/21. These include Blackburn Rovers (Championship), Middlesborough (Championship), Sunderland (League 1) and Norwich City (Championship). Norwich though return to the top flight for season 21/22.

If your club didn't make it into the virtual Premier League how do you feel about it? Did they make the virtual Championship or maybe League 1. Do you feel your football club is under or overachieving? I found it very interesting and helpful to work out those clubs that are doing well over a period of time. Clubs that get relegated often feel that is the end but, the virtual league shows us it can be the start of something much bigger. Check out the other virtual league standings in our other recent posts.

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