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Virtual Football League - Championship - 21 To 44

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Did Your Football Club Make It Into Our Championship Virtual Football League?

Our Virtual League of Leagues covers every club that has played in any of the top 4 divisions since 1992. It's just a bit of fun but is always nice to find your club is higher than your bitter rival. The Championship covers 24 clubs and has a host of top teams, many would not be out of place in the Premier League. However, some clubs dominated English Football prior to the Premier Leagues inception. Maybe a reason why it is so hard to get promoted out of the Championship. Although every club in our Virtual Championship table have been ever present in the football league since 1992.

Of the 24 teams in the Virtual Championship only 3 have never played in the Premier League. Millwall, Bristol City and Preston North End are all currently positioned higher than their average league placing. Given that Championship clubs throw huge sums of money to gain access to the world's best league. Consequently many of these end up in a perilous financial situation as they chase the Promised Land. So it is testament to these 3 clubs to challenge as high as they are consistently

Which Clubs Make It Into The Top Half Of The Championship Virtual Football League?
Position Club Season's In Premier League Average League Position Currently Under or Over Achieving
21 Derby County 7 26.8276 Under-achieving
22 Bolton Wanderers 13 27.2759 Under-achieving
23 Birmingham City 6 28.1379 Under-achieving
24 Stoke City 10 28.4483 Under-achieving
25 Ipswich Town 4 29.0345 Under-achieving
26 Watford 7 29.1379 Over-achieving
27 Fulham 15 29.3448 Over-achieving
28 Queens Park Rangers 6 30.5862 Over-achieving
29 Sheffield United 5 30.6897 Over-achieving
30 Nottingham Forest 4 30.8621 Under-achieving
31 Sheffield Wednesday 8 31.4138 Under-achieving
32 Charlton Athletic 8 31.9310 Under-achieving

It is interesting that Fulham have occupied a place in the top league for 15 seasons since its launch. However at the start of the Premier League they spent a few years playing in the lower leagues. Likewise, Bolton are the same in reverse, having spent 13 years in the Premier League. However their fortunes have been hit in recent years and have only just gained promotion back to League 1. Sheffield Fans will note that United are higher than Wednesday. Conversely United have spend less time in the top division than Wednesday.

Which Clubs Make It Into The Bottom Half Of The Championship Virtual Football League?
Position Club Season's In Premier League Average League Position Currently Under or Over Achieving
33 Reading 3 33.1034 Over-achieving
34 Burnley 7 33.3448 Over-achieving
35 Coventry City 9 36.1034 Over-achieving
36 Portsmouth 7 39.2759 Under-achieving
37 Barnsley 1 39.5172 Over-achieving
38 Millwall 0 40.5862 Over-achieving
39 Wigan Atletic 8 41.4828 Under-achieving
40 Wimbledon/MK Dons 8 41.7241 Under-achieving
41 Bristol City 0 42.1724 Over-achieving
42 Preston North End 0 42.4483 Over-achieving
43 Cardiff City 2 43.2069 Over-achieving
44 Huddersfield Town 2 43.5517 Over-achieving

Among our Virtual Championship 3 clubs played in the Premier League in 2020/21 season. However 2 of those Fulham and Sheffield United were both relegated to the real Championship. Whereas Burnley survived the drop finishing in 17th place. In general if your club has an average league position of 40.5862, their current league position should be close to this. Of course if like Millwall finishing in 31st place in the real league, they can be classed as over-achieving. Trying to persuade fans this is the case though is somewhat more of a challenge.

You may have missed our previous Virtual leagues covering League Division 1, League Division 2 and those that made the National League too. What our for our final instalment where we cover the top Virtual Premier League places.


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