Virtual Football League Division 1 – 45 to 68

Virtual Football League Division 1 – 45 to 68

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Who Made It Into The League Of All Leagues Positions 45 To 68?

Did Your Football Club Make It Into The Ultimate League Division 1?

As we count down the League of all Leagues, we now reach division 1. So, did your football club make it into our Virtual Football League? We have collated the league standings from every year since the start of the English Premier League. Our tables cover the top 4 divisions and the average position for your club determines which league they sit. If your football club is is our division 1 table, it would be interesting to hear your comments. Are they currently under or over achieving in your opinion?

There are 24 clubs in our League Division 1 table and 5 of these have spent time outside of the top 4 divisions since 1992. They are Tranmere Rovers, Luton Town, Doncaster Rovers, Bristol Rovers and Oxford United. Most fans that face their club being relegated into non-league football despair. However, it appears it isn't the end of the road and many clubs actually come back stronger. My own club Oxford United spent 4 years in the National League which has seriously affected their position. In fact it probably the only reason Swindon Town (our local rivals) finished higher than them in our table.

How Many Clubs In Our League Division 1 Have Played In The English Premiership?

Playing in the English Premiership is the dream of every football fan in the UK. However it can come at great cost and trying to stay there is, for some almost impossible. So, to see your club in our Virtual Football League at div 1 level, suggests your club spent some time overachieving. There are 7 clubs that have played at the highest level since 1992 with only Brighton remaining in the EPL. The others include Swansea City, Hull City, Bournemouth, Blackpool, Bradford City and Oldham Athletic. Brentford have been promoted to the EPL via the play-offs so would now make the 8th club.

Which Clubs Make It Into The Top Half Of The Ultimate League Division 1?
Position Club Season In Top 4 Divisions Average League Position Currently Under or Over Achieving
45 Swansea City 29 45.4828 Over-achieving
46 Brighton & Hove Albion 29 47.6897 Over-achieving
47 Hull City 29 48.069 Over-achieving
48 Bournemouth 29 48.6552 Over-achieving
49 Brentford 29 48.6552 Over-achieving
50 Blackpool Town 29 51.8966 Over-achieving
51 Swindon Town 29 54.5862 Under-achieving
52 Tranmere Rovers 26 55.2759 Under-achieving
53 Bradford City 29 55.6897 Under-achieving
54 Oldham Athletic 29 56.2759 Under-achieving
55 Peterborough United 29 57.069 Over-achieving
56 Rotherham United 29 57.6552 Over-achieving

To work out if you club is under or over-achieving you need to check their average position in our Virtual Football League. Then compare that with their current position in the live table. If you take Blackpool their average position is 51.8966 however, they finished in 47th place in the 2020/21 season. This gained them promotion via the play-offs and so can be classed as over-achievers. Fans who say them in the Premiership may disagree but, at least they are going back up the table.

Which Clubs Make It Into The Bottom Half Of The Ultimate League Division 1?
Position Club Seasons In The Top 4 Average League Position Currently Under Or Over Achieving
57 Crewe Alexandra 29 58.5862 Over-achieving
58 Walsall 29 59 Under-achieving
59 Gillingham 29 59.3103 Over-achieving
60 Port Vale 29 60.2759 Under-achieving
61 Luton Town 24 61.5862 Over-achieving
62 Plymouth Argyle 29 61.6897 Over-achieving
63 Southend United 29 63.6552 Under-achieving
64 Colchester United 29 64.4138 Under-achieving
65 Doncaster Rovers 24 65.6207 Over-achieving
66 Scunthorpe Town 29 66.5862 Under-achieving
67 Bristol Rovers 28 66.6552 Under-achieving
68 Oxford United 25 66.8621 Over-achieving

Fans of clubs will surely look at their rivals to see how their own club compares. As mentioned Swindon are above Oxford and Bristol Rovers, which should please their fans. Although relegation to live league 2 this season will hurt their position when we review the virtual league next year. Although Swansea City head the table they aren't the highest Welsh club as Cardiff City made it into our virtual Championship table. Look out for that one in our next post. Our previous post looked at those who made it into the Virtual Football League Div 2


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