Feeling Flush - Why Not Consider a Debenture at Wimbledon?

Feeling Flush - Why Not Consider a Debenture at Wimbledon?

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Following World war 1, the popularity of The Championships quickly out grew their facilities at Worple Road and with further expansion impossible, it was decided to purchase the 13.5 acre site at Wimbledon Park in Surrey. This is the home of the Wimbledon Championships as we know it now. To help finance the purchase and development, it was decided that The All England Lawn Tennis Ground Ltd would issue debentures, which would give subscribers the right to one seat per day for each tournament, over a set number of years. Centre Court was built from the income of the 1st debentures and opened in 1922. It has had extensive work done over the years and in 2009 the now famous retractable roof was added. The No.1 Court stadium was opened in 1997 and was moved to be next to The Centre Court facility. In time a retractable roof will be added to this court too. MoneyRacket At this time there are 2 types of debenture available, one for Centre Court and one for No.1 Court, each of these are held for a period of 5 years. Applications for the No.1 Court closed on 27th May 2016 for the next debenture period covering 2017 to 2021. The price for The No.1 debenture for this period was £31,000 including fees and vat, this is an increase of £17300 over the previous 5 year period. Each holder is entitled to one ticket per day and has access to a large number of exclusive bars and restaurants. The Centre Court debenture for 2016 to 2012 was priced @ £50,000 so it can be assumed when the next series go to market in 2019 for period 2021 to 2025 they will be at a huge premium and will probably be in the region of £100,000 each. Holders in the Centre Court arena have a larger array of restaurants and bars, with many offering complimentary drinks and food. If you wish to sell your debenture, you can through Numis Securities Limited and recent trades suggest prices are going through the roof. The last 3 trades have all been around £141,000 per debenture


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