Football Guidance That Poses As Many Questions As It Answers

Football Guidance That Poses As Many Questions As It Answers

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As Football clubs prepare for pre-season we now have more guidance that poses as many questions as it answers

It seems to have become the norm that when new guidance is issued and coronavirus is involved we will be given part of a message but many questions remain unanswered. One metre or two? Inside or out? Groups of 6 or can you have more?

The Football Association continued this trend when it published more information over the return of grassroots football but seemingly ended up leaving clubs with plenty to ponder.

While on the one hand it is unfair to be too critical as these unique times have caused lots of problems for everyone. But on the other surely these organisations have held brainstorming sessions where they ask their committee to all come up with a list of issues/problems/situations that can be discussed.

Or maybe not.

From tomorrow, pre-season matches are able to take place across the non-league and grassroots spectrum. Yet the FA decided they should publish some new rules- such as instructing referees to send off players who cough at an opponent or match official – just a couple of days in advance. Nothing like a bit of notice.

But what about some guidance on some pretty fundamental issues and grey areas that have not been addressed? Can clubs advertise matches and have people come to watch? Can people be in the bar while the game is going on? Can parents watch and is there a limit on the amount of people who can go? Are club volunteers, guests or media able to attend?

Asking people to come already changed, not share water bottles, not shake hands – the list is endless – have become the new way of life. But the practical things, those which could ultimately go a long way to determined whether some clubs feel it is actually possible to host games, appear to have been overlooked. Again.

One day these authorities will get things right. Maybe.


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