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The Essential Sports Gift or Spoil Christmas Day!!

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The Essential Sports Gift or Spoil Christmas Day!!

This may seem a little alarmist but i have some proof that without this cheap add on essential sports gift, you may spend an hour or so trawling through YouTube for a solution. In your desperate attempt not to spoil Christmas Day.

We sell thousands of balls from all sports throughout the year, to clubs, schools and individuals. They are bulk purchases and single balls. Most are for clubs but over the last few years we have seen an increase in single ball purchasing as gifts for the sports lover. So what could be the essential gift that could accompany this purchase?

Think.........Got it yet?

How are they going to inflate the ball? Oh yes, they will need a ball pump. Most balls are despatched deflated to

  1. Save on shipping costs, as the package will be smaller if not inflated.
  2. To ensure the ball doesn't get damaged during transit
Buying A Ball Pump Can Save Your Christmas

Imagine you have gifted your loved one a fantastic new ball, it could be a rugby ball, football, get the drift. They open the package and then you all discover the ball needs inflating. As no pump was purchased many people resort to desperate measures and try to find a solution, so turn to Google and or YouTube for help. Clearly it is going to be almost impossible to find a retailer open on Christmas day that actually sells ball pumps, unless the local petrol garage has had a brainwave. The chances are you will come across our video on YouTube - Can You Inflate a Ball Without Using a Pump? Can You Do It? How do i know this? Take a look at the Analytics in the image below

Don't Forget To Buy A Ball Pump For Christmas!
Can You Inflate a Ball Without Using a Pump? Analytics
Can You Inflate A Ball Without A Pump?

This video shows me attempting to inflate a ball, in this case a netball, without a pump. You can see this get's a steady stream of viewers every day. However there are 2 dramatic spikes, where the views double. This has happened twice since i created the video and uploaded it to YouTube. Christmas Day in 2017 and Christmas Day in 2018.

Please Don't Forget To Buy A Ball Pump Or You May Be A Statistic

It cannot be a coincidence that the viewing figures go up on Christmas day so, must be down to the lack of a ball pump in Santa's sack. Although i am very pleased to have people watch my YouTube Channel it does sadden me that so many watch on Christmas Day. So don't be a statistic next year.....Buy A Ball Pump

If you want to view the video now as a reminder to buy a pump please do so and please subscribe to our channel too


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