The Mitre Legend Returns

The Mitre Legend Returns

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There are many footballs that have made their mark in professional football over the years - Nike Total 90, Adidas Jabulani to name 2 but, none have had the impact and longevity like the Mitre Delta ball. Over the years the Mitre football has been used as the top ball in various British Football competitions including the Old Football League, the current EFL, League cup, Scottish football and the Welsh League. All have used the Delta graphics be it on the Mitre Pro Max, Mitre Ultimax or the Mitre Max ball. Now though the legend is back and launched mid June 2017. The Mitre Delta Legend is the most technology advanced ball ever created by Mitre. The versatile microfibre synthetic leather outer provides consistency throughout the season, with every kick and header. The new Delta ball is available in size 5 and has an RRP of £115 and uses the very best of the Hyperseam technology and also has a dual Hyperfoam lining. This ensures maximum power with every strike of the ball.
Delta Pro White
Delta Pro Yellow
The Mitre Delta Legend is available in 2 colourways as shown above. The white version will be used at the start of the season with the yellow ball coming into play a few months later as we enter the winter months. The outer layer has a unique textured surface to deliver a pure in-flight path and ultimate control. In fact it is stated that the embossed grooves provide up to 400% more stability at speeds of 30 to 45mph Vs a rivals flat panel construction. In addition to the pro ball there are 2 other Mitre Delta balls to hit the market this year - the Delta Replica and the Delta Mini footballs. Both are available in the same colours as the pro ball. The replica ball has a textured pimple surface and is available in size 3, 4 and 5 whilst the Mini ball is a size 1 ball ideal fro a kick around in the garden. All of the Mitre Delta balls will be available from Sportsballshop from Mid June 2017.


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