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  • Save -12%Low stock! Molten V5M3500 Volleyball

    Molten Molten V5M3500 Volleyball

    This uniquely designed Molten volleyball is based on the fantastic top of the range Flistatec V5M5000. Its features are similar and use the the Flistatec technology but, also make it more affordable for the club and school. We have many clubs using this as a training ball whilst saving the more expensive ball for their matches. Having said that this volleyball is still suitable for matches. Its unrivalled aesthetics and unbelievable performance, make it ideal for players of all levels. The Molten V5M3500 volleyball is green, white and red, making it more visable for the user and is a size 5 ball. The design is eye catching and the surface is now constructed from polyurethane leather, ensuring the life span of the ball is greater. This official size and weight ball is available now at fantastic value for money, offering a waterproof, durable exterior, making it suitable for use, indoors or out. The V5M3500 comes with the advanced, nylon wound, dual layer laminated butyl bladder.


  • Save -16% Molten Flistatec V5M5000 Volleyball

    Molten Molten Flistatec V5M5000 Volleyball

    Molten have designed and manufactured one of the best volleyballs on the market with the fantastic, Flistatec V5M5000. Using the latest technology to ensure the smoothest and most consistant flight path ever produced by Molten. Flistatec stands for Flight Stability Technology and is sure to help revolutionise all future volleyball designs. Made from Synthetic leather and in a tri colour of white, red and green, this volleyball has official FIVB approval. The colours are proven to improve visibility for players of all abilities. After years of research, it was found, by using a raised hexagonal shaped design on the surface of the volleyball, it would stabilize the ball flight. They also added a thicker, softer microfiber layer to enable players to achieve more accurate and firmer overhand passes. The new surface and design features also increases the grip allowing the server more control.


  • Save -12% Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1

    Molten Molten Volleyball Club Ball Pack 1

    No one can doubt the quality of Molten volleyballs but, how can you buy Molten volleyballs at the best price. If you are a school, club or coach you will be looking for the best quality balls, at bulk buy prices. We have selected one of the best balls available from Molten to give you the perfect start for any club. This pack comes with 6 x training balls at greatly reduced price. Pack includes:- 6 x Molten V5M3500 training volleyballs. After speaking with many coaches and clubs locally, we think pack 1, represents the perfect starter pack, for any club. If however, this pack isn't suitable, check out pack 2 or give us a call, to see if we can make the pack, you and your club require.


  • Save -29% Molten Volleyball Club Pack 3

    Molten Molten Volleyball Club Pack 3

    This pack is one of our most popular multi ball packages. We have selected two of the best volleyballs available from Molten to give any club or coach the best ball pack around. This pack comes with 4 x training balls, 1 x match ball and a quality ball bag, that is capable of holding up to 5 fully inflated volleyballs. Pack includes:- 4 x Molten V5M3500 training volleyballs. 1 x Molten V5M5000 match volleyball. 1 x Lusum 5 Ball Tubular ball bag Many of the coaches we work with, have said this is the best value volleyball pack available.


  • Save -12% Molten V5T-R6 Schools Volleyball

    Molten Molten V5T-R6 Schools Volleyball

    The Molten V5T-R6 Volleyball is ideal for use in schools and when coaching intense skill sessions. The outer layer is constructed with a soft touch synthetic leather making it easier to use for longer periods of training. The V5T-R6 is machine stitched and has a durable latex bladder. The ball is perfect as a school or club training volleyball.


  • Save -24% Molten V5M1800-L Junior Match Volleyball

    Molten Molten V5M1800-L Junior Match Volleyball

    The Molten Junior Match Volleyball is a high quality, lightweight ball that is designed specifically for schools and clubs. This volleyball is great for training and development and now has the new dynamic Molten swirl design. The V5M1800-L is a new addition to the range and is already popular with schools and junior volleyball clubs. The Volleyball is the same size as a standard ball but, it is lightweight making it suitable for the junior player. Weighing between 230g and 250g it is perfect for the junior player to develop skills and enjoy the game. The new design incorporates a synthetic leather exterior, a high quality latex bladder and 18 panels. Every ball is machine stitched to ensure the highest quality of finish. This Molten volleyball is the official size. This ball is also suitable for recreational play.


  • Save -9% Molten 4 X V5M1800-L School Volleyballs

    Molten Molten 4 X V5M1800-L School Volleyballs

    The Molten V5M1800-L volleyball is designed for use in schools and clubs, for junior players. The lightweight aspect of the ball is great for training and player development. This pack contains 4 V5M1800-L volleyballs The Volleyball is the same size as a standard volleyballand weighs between 230g and 250g. The soft feel synthetic leather outer make this the perfect choice for junior volleyball. The Molten V5M1800 also boasts a high quality latex bladder, ensuring maintenance is kept to a minimum.


  • Save -21% Molten Soft Vinyl Volleyball

    Molten Molten Soft Vinyl Volleyball

    This is the perfect solution for teaching young and new players the skills of volleyball in schools and clubs. Also ideal for use on the beach or garden as this no sting volleyball will be perfect for all the family. Super soft vinyl exterior, with no sting qualities built in so you can play for longer without hurting your hands, wrists and forearms. This is the latest design and is the best vinyl volleyball we have used to date.


Molten Volleyballs
The Molten volleyball range offers balls for players of any level, whether you're an experienced competition player or have never played before. Molten are responsible for a range of new technologies that have been introduced to volleyball, helping to provide a more sustainable, reliable ball that offers unrivalled performance and specification.

Molten have been appointed as the official ball supplier to British Colleges Sport (BCS). Their V5M5000 Flistatec volleyball, is the ball to be used for all BCS matches. Ever since the business was first established in Hiroshima, Japan in 1958, Molten have designed and manufactured sports balls, for all levels of play and have gained International recognition for quality.

Sports Ball Shop are a leading supplier of Molten balls, understanding the importance of design, performance and new technology in sport.

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