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  • Save -29% 10 Ball Mesh Ball Sack TR154 Durable By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training 10 Ball Mesh Ball Sack TR154

    The best value Mesh Ball Sack on the market. This 10 ball bag is designed to hold up to 10 fully inflated, size 5 balls and is constructed from nylon mesh. It aids the drying process if balls are stored still damp.  The bags comes with its handy drawstring closure, ensuring the balls stay put when in the back of your car.


  • Save -19%Low stock! Buy 10 x PT Mesh Sports Training Bibs | Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training 10 x PT Mesh Sports Bibs With Bag

    Equip your team with the power of quality and comfort with our 10 x PT Mesh Sports Bibs, complete with a convenient bag for storage. Perfect for local clubs and schools, these bibs feature:- Durable 100% Polyester mesh fabric- Breathability and comfort for players- Unrestricted movement for all types of sports- Availability in 4 sizes and 3 vibrant colors (Royal, Orange, Purple)Order now and enhance your team's practice sessions with our exceptional sports training bibs at Sports Ball Shop. Contact us for more color options!


  • Save -50% 12 Ball Carry Net By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training 12 Ball Carry Nets

    The ball carry net is capable of holding 12 fully inflated balls. It is made from Nylon and is a great bugdet carry net. Ball carry net for every player.


  • Save -36% 12 x PT 225mm Collapsible Cones Orange Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training 12 x PT 225mm Collapsible Cones Orange

    12 x PT 225mm Collapsible Cones Orange  Precision Training Collapsible Cones Measure 225mm (9 inch), pack of 12 Highly durable with split sides for resilience Excellent for indoor and outdoor sports Suitable for marking training areas & drills Brilliant orange for high visibility Ideal for sports and motorbike training  Upgrade your training equipment with our PT Collapsible Cones. Order now at Sports Ball Shop and enhance your practice sessions.


  • Save -37%Low stock! 3 x PT Nueno Match Footballs Precision Training Football Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training 3 x PT Nueno Match Footballs

    Discover high performance with our Precision Training FIFA Approved PT Nueno Match Footballs, now in a convenient bulk pack of 3. Engineered with innovative Hybrid Seam Technology, these footballs boast an impressive 8 panel construction, guaranteeing a superb in-game feel.  Perfect for any pitch surface, available exclusively in size 5, this pack is ready to elevate your match day.  3 x PT Nueno Match Footballs set Includes 3 size 5 PT Nueno footballs, designed for players who demand pro match quality in every game.  Experience excellence in flight and touch with Precision balls. Step up your game and order now.


  • Save -37% Ball Care Pack

    Precision Training Ball Care Pack

    To ensure you get the maximum life out of your ball, it is important that you take great care when inflating it for the first time. It can be easy to puncture a bladder if your needle adaptor is not lubricated. It is also worth checking the PSI of the ball after inflating to ensure the correct ball pressure is maintained. If a ball is used that is overinflated, the seams can fail. This ball-care pack contains the following:1 x 30ml SBS Glycerine Ball needle lubrication and 2 standard needles.Plus 1 x Ball pressure gauge with air release valve.5 x Standard needle adaptors. This pack now contains 50% more glycerine than was previously supplied, at no additional cost.


  • Save -34% Ball Pressure Gauge By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Ball Pressure Gauge

    All too often players and coaches over inflate their football, rugby, basketball....etc and then complain the ball doesn't last that long. Split seams and burst bladders should be a thing of the past when using a ball pressure gauge to accuratley measure the ball pressure within the bladder.  Every ball has the optimum ball pressure printed on the ball, using this ball pressure gauge you will be able to adhere to it. A small investment here will ensure your sports balls last longer giving you even better value for money.  Standard needle adpator attached and measurements taken in pounds and kilograms.


  • Save -14% Ball Pressure Gauge & Stirrup Pump Combo By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Ball Pressure Gauge and Stirrup Pump Combo

    To ensure your high value sports balls are pumped to the optimum pressure, you should use this quality stirrup pump and ball pressure gauge combo. Save more by buying as a pack. The stirrup pump is designed to take the effort out of pumping balls up and if you have a lot to do it would make sense to buy this one. The ball pressure gauge measures in pounds and kilograms, with the recommended pressure printed on most balls. The pressure gauge is the Precision Training version as we can no longer get the Mitre model. This classic stirrup combo pack now includes a 30ml bottle of glycerine to ensure you inflate your balls correctly and do not damage the ball when inserting the needle.


  • Save -25% Double Action Hand Pump Dynamic TR555 By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training DOUBLE ACTION HAND PUMP TR555

    This double action pump will inflate your balls in double quick time, as it blows air into the ball, when pumping in and out of the ball.  It comes with 3 adaptors - 1 for inflating sports balls, 1 for inflatable toys and the final one can be used on most bicycle tyres. Double action hand pump measures approximately 25cm, when not in use and extends up to 50cm when being used, excluding needles.  Colours may vary. Lubricate your needle with Mitre Glycrine before inserting into your ball.


  • Save -22% Double Sided Football Coaches Clipboard Precision Training Football Training Equipment Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Double Sided Football Coaches Clipboard

    This football coaches double sided clipboard is ideal for use at any level of the game. Suitable for use on pitchside or in the changing room before the game.Both sides of this clipboard are magnetic. One side has a fullsized pitch the other is half a pitch layout. The package also contains a marker pen, which can be wiped off easily and 27 x 1cm player magnets Double Sided Football Coaches Clipboard Measures 28cm x 38cm


  • Save -14% Football Coaches Tactic Board Precision Training Football Training Equipment Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Football Coaches Tactic Board

    Enhance Your Coaching:Unleash your team's potential with Sports Ball Shop's Precision Training football coaches tactic board. Perfect for illustrating match-winning strategies, this board features 27 x 1cm numbered magnets for clear position displays, a biro pen, a dry wipe marker with foam eraser, plus 20 essential planning sheets.Dual-Purpose Design:With a versatile dual-side layout, the tactic board boasts a magnetic pitch for live demonstration and separate sheets for strategic planning. A must-have for serious coaching sessions.Professional's Choice: Trusted by top managers in elite football leagues, our tactic board is the ultimate tool for effective communication, whether in the locker room or pitchside, before the kickoff or during halftime.


  • Save -10%Low stock! Rebounder Sports Training Equipment By Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Hand Held Rebounder

    Hand Held Rebounder Sports Training Equipment Enhance your training regime with the versatile Precision Tri-Goal. Ideal for both defensive and offensive drills, each panel of this high-quality rebounder measures 120cm x 80cm, offering ample space for dynamic exercises. Includes robust rubber bases for stability Easy-to-use ground pegs for secure placement Complementary marker discs for precision training Lightweight and portable with a convenient carry bag Durable 100% polyester material ensures longevity An essential tool for enhancing tactical movements Perfect for coaches and players alike, the Hand Held Rebounder from Sports Ball Shop is your ally on the path to athletic excellence. Don't wait, add it to your training gear today!



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