Inflate Your Balls Using Our New Phone App

Inflate Your Balls Using Our New Phone App

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Introducing the ground-breaking sports app of the future.... The game is about to start and you realise the match ball needs more air but, where did you put that ball pump? You know you put it in the kit bag but it's not there now. We now have a solution for this problem. The tech people at Big Game Hunters Sports Ball Shop have launched an amazing new app for your Android or iPhone; the Ball iNflator. This brand new app will allow you to inflate your ball with the minimum of effort. Download the app, plug in the exclusive air app cable to the phone and valve, set the correct psi then click inflate. You will be amazed as the ball inflates to the correct psi as stated on the ball and then switches off. Ball-Inflate-App-on-Phone-1 This app works on all balls that need inflating; footballs, rugby balls, netballs, basketballs, volleyballs and water polo balls to name a few. It uses the power of the phone to create a high pressure flow of air through the special cable to inflate your ball. It will not cause any damage to your phone and it uses minimal battery life. The technology behind this app is similar to that used in USB powered fan - with a special air compressor unit which increases the air flow allowing balls with heavier bladders to inflate at a similar rate to other smaller balls. The designers came up with the idea after using a phone powered fan after a football match, 'It was extremely hot, and a friend brought out a fan which attached to his phone to cool himself down after the game. I thought there must be a way to tether the power in your phone for other uses.' Ball-Inflate-App-on-Phone-2 The app is expected to retail at £104.17, with a special introductory offer. This is an amazing app that will change the way you inflate your balls - get yours now! Please Note: The Ball iNflation App will be available from 1st April 2017 and as a special offer can be downloaded for free until 12 noon.


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