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Wilson are a well-known, established brand in American Football, producing thousands of balls each year, from their designated factory in ADA, Ohio, which are distributed all over the world.

All match balls tend to be made in Ohio and their recreational balls are manufactured, to the same exacting standards, in China. Wilson have been producing American Footballs for over 50 years. Many of the current employees, in Ohio, have served over 20 years service, giving a consistancy of service and quality, not found with many other ball making companies.

As a leading producer of American Footballs, Wilson have introduced a number of innovative features to the market over the course of their existence, helping to enhance the quality of their ball and the performance for their customers.
  • Save -20%Low stock! Wilson NFL Duke Replica American Football

    Wilson Wilson NFL Duke Replica American Football

    The Wilson NFL Duke Replica American Football is a premium composite leather ball. The Wilson Ball is the only ball allowed to use the official NFL logo and this ball has the Wilson patented ACL lacing system. This includes the Double Lacing for a dependable grip and better feel. This ball has unmatched durability and is one of our favourite american footballs. The Duke ball also has the Tackified surface which was popular on the Wilson NFL Tackified Composite football. The outer layer has a high quality pebble finish which also inproves the feel and gives the player improved grip. The Wilson NFL Duke ball has a Butyl Rubber Bladder which offers higher air retention and a multi layered lining to give improved durability and maintain a consistent shape. Designed for recreational play.


  • Save -28% Wilson Mini NFL Game Ball Replica

    Wilson Wilson Mini NFL Game Ball Replica

    The Wilson replica mini NFL game ball has been designed for use as a recreational ball but is ideal for young children to practise with too. Ideal to take to the park or even the beach. The ball comes deflated and looks and feels just like the larger versions. The Mini ball measures 222mm long


  • Save -43% Wilson NFL Duke Performance American Football

    Wilson Wilson NFL Duke Performance American Football

    The Wilson NFL Duke Performance American Football is a replica of the NFL performance ball and has a premium composite leather outer. Very similar to the NFL Replica ball except this ball has a striking gold patented ACL Lacing. Ideal for recreational use and extremely durable. The bladder is a high quality butyl rubber bladder which offers great air retention. The outer layer has a superb feel and is enhanced by the pebble finish grip. It also uses the Wilson Tackified finish for the best form of grip Great value and a must have ball for the american football enthusiast.


  • Save -10%Low stock! Wilson Micro American Football

    Wilson Wilson Micro American Football

    The Wilson Micro American football is a great novelty item or recreational mini ball. Built to a high specification, this mini American football still maintains the same uncompromised performance of the full-sized Wilson American footballs, making a great leisure play ball. This ball is a great option for junior players, offering hours of enjoyment and lasting for a long time. The Micro ball measures 165mm long and is comes inflated.


  • Save -20% Wilson GST Composite American Football

    Wilson Wilson GST Composite American Football

    The GST Composite ball has been designed for superior grip and durability. It has been constructed with high grade GST composite leather and has a deep pebbled pattern for improved grip. It has a multi layered lining and a butyl rubber bladder to ensure excellent shape retention. Exclusive ultimate grip Composite Leather ball Collgiate pattern ACL laces Official (Size 9)


  • Save -20% Wilson MVP American Football

    Wilson Wilson MVP American Football

    The Wilson MVP is a quality PVC ball which has been designed for the casual player for eveyday use in the back garden or the park. An ideal ball for taking to the park or use in the back garden.


  • Save -19% Wilson GST Leather Official American Football

    Wilson Wilson GST Leather Official American Football

    The Wilson GST Leather football is the official ball of the NCAA. It is the number 1 football in the USA. The Wilson GST Leather official ball is the only football that offers the patented sewn on stripes and also has ACL composite leather laces. With the exclusive Wilson GST Leather outer this ball offers one of a kind game saving technology. Patented Accurate Control Lacing System (ACL) Pebbled Composite Leather Laces Deep Channel Design Exclusive Composite Leather Sewn Stripes Size Official (size 9) *Please note delivery on this ball is 3-5 working days


  • Save -13% Wilson NFL Official Bulk American Football

    Wilson Wilson NFL Official Bulk American Football

    The Wilson NFL Official Bulk American Football is a high quality, durable ball that is manufactured from quality PVC cover with pebbled grip. This high quality American Football is designed for recreational use, offering superb flight and handling. The Official Bulk range of American Footballs are designed for recreational use but, still have many of the features desired in an American Football. This ball has double laces to give the authentic feel and design. The multi-layered lining gives the user great feel and improved control. The ball measures 30 cm in length and arrives deflated. Inflate to 7 - 9 lbs. This American football is the official flag game American football and is an extremely popular American football for leisure use.



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