Try The Latest 2KaDay Challenge 2019

Try The Latest 2KaDay Challenge 2019

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If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know we love a challenge. In the past we have trained for a 10k run and most memorable was the biggest challenge of all, with the rowing challenge of 1,000,000 metres in 90 days. Over Christmas we wondered how we could create a challenge that would fit into the busy schedule without putting the body under the stresses encountered with the rowing effort (2 torn discs later, we are now ready to go back on the Concept 2 Rowing machine). We know the gym can be a busy place at this time of year and can also be a competitive place too. So we have come up with the most versatile challenge, to suit most ages and abilities. The 2kaDay challenge is in simple terms - 2 kilometres of any type of exercise in a day for the whole of January. You can swim, run, cycle, jog or walk, as long as you cover 2k per day. Ideally you would have a mix of 3 exercises over the course of the month - swim, cycle and one run, jog or walk to give you as much variety to the challenge to ensure you continue for the full month. The mix of exercises also use the full range of muscle groups to give a full body workout. If you miss a day you could double a day and either do 4k of one exercise or 2 x 2k and mix the exercises. For example you could cycle to the swimming pool, swim and then cycle back, giving you the potential of a double up day. If swimming in a 25m pool, you would need to swim 80 lengths to achieve the 2k target. Complete each day at your own pace and make sure you do a full warm up before exercise and cool down after. If you are looking to lose weight whilst doing this challenge, then you should ensure you eat sensibly. The increase in exercise will burn extra calories and should make you feel hungrier. Don't grab unhealthy snacks to curb the hunger pains and try to plan ahead with a pot of nuts (30g unsalted) or a bag of fresh fruit or veg sticks. One final point is to stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. Hunger pains can often be felt when you are dehydrated, so drinking plenty of water should help here. If you take up this challenge please do let us know how you got on. Please check with your doctor before taking part in this level of exercise, should you need reassurance that this would be of benefit. I am taking part in the 2KaDay and have completed the following days so far
  1. 2k Walk
  2. 2k Swim
  3. ? to be decided later
Good luck to you all.


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