Collapsible Cones

Lusum Further Expand Their Product Range

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It is no secret that we at Sportsballshop are the exclusive retailer for the Lusum range of products. We love the quality of the equipment on offer and as mentioned many times before, can offer them at a discount when compared to other brands, as no marketing budget is attributed to the cost of the products. This ensures Lusum invest in the quality on offer, whilst clubs and schools can get the best quality products without paying exorbitant prices. Lusum have in the last year updated their range of rugby balls to have an improved design which is proving extremely popular, especially the colour coded Munifex training balls for each age group. Basketballs were also launched with much success in the last year too and within a few weeks, we should be able to announce another basketball to the range. Cricket balls, hockey balls and netballs are again proving popular with many of our customers returning to order more, a sign of the quality available. The training equipment is some of the best available and just recently the products on offer has been expanded even further. Some of the latest offerings are a
  • Lusum Pop Up Footballs goals which is so simple to put up. It comes as a set of 2 goals with each measuring 1m wide and has a height of 80cm. It’s incredibly easy to take down too and the quality is fantastic.
  • The Lusum 6 metre speed training ladder is fully adjustable and the best quality ladder available today. The rungs are pro quality and the most durable i have seen. They have a chamfered edge on each side to remove the risk of tripping. The rungs also retain their shape unlike cheaper or inferior models
Collapsible Cones
  • Finally the latest addition is my personal favourite - The Lusum Collapsible cones measuring 9" high with 4 x yellow, 4 x orange and 4 x blue in each pack. The 12 cone set are durable and UV protected so they keep their shape and colour for longer. The traffic style cones collapse when landed on but return to shape instantly. The hi-vis colours also make them the best choice for training in poor light conditions.
Look out for more Lusum products to be launched over the next 12 months. Remember Lusum do not pay sponsorship so every penny you pay is for the goods you buy, not helping to pay for the car or house of the player used, to endorse other brands products


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