What Can The ECB All Stars Cricket Programme Achieve?

What Can The ECB All Stars Cricket Programme Achieve?

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From today, 20th March 2017, you can now register your child for the exciting cricket initiative which is known as The ECB All Stars programme. It is open to any child aged from 5 to 8 years and is widely thought to be an amazing opportunity for local clubs to greatly increase their player portfolio. The cost for each child is £40, with the child receiving 8 weeks coaching at the club of your choice, a bat, rucksack, water bottle, ball, t-shirt and cap. The aim is to give your child an activity and game based programme which is suitable for all skill levels, providing your child with the foundations to begin a lifelong love of physical activity and cricket. This also increases the chances for them to make more friends in a safe and enjoyable environment. AllStarsCricket Not only do all of the above apply but your club has the potential to gain more senior players as many of the younger ages have parents that have drifted away from the game. Treat them well and they could return to playing for your club. On top of this you also have a chance of growing your list of volunteers. One criticism, i have heard from one local club, is the money goes direct to the ECB whilst the club provide the coaching and facilities for free. This is short sighted in my opinion as these players can develop a love for the game and at age 9 will become loyal paying members of your club. How you can increase the revenue for your club is up to you but, i would suggest a social night with a bar and bbq. Then organise some further drills and games to show the parents how their child has developed. The club also gets a huge kit bag of All Stars branded bats, stumps and balls. Don't be surprised to see other sports roll out their own coaching programmes over the next 12 months as the 5 to 8 year potential is huge.


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