Why Choose Lusum For Your Balls and Training Equipment?

Why Choose Lusum For Your Balls and Training Equipment?

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There are many reasons to consider Lusum as your No.1 choice for balls and training equipment – quality, value for money, product range and availability. Lusum first started, as an idea in Oxford, when a group of sports enthusiasts and coaches were dismayed at the ever increasing costs of their rugby balls. They vowed to create a range of balls that would be as good as anything else available, without the huge price that leading brands charge. Lusum visited many ball factories across the world to locate the best manufacturers. In the factories chosen they found many of the leading brands’ products being produced with the same materials and by the same machines and machinists so why the massive price difference? When you see Gilbert, Mitre, Rhino, Steeden, Kookaburra, Nike, Adidas....as the Official Ball Supplier to the league or tournament, it is you the club player or coach that is funding the sponsorship. If the RFU does a deal with a ball supplier for £1,000,000 how does the supplier get the return on the investment? In most cases the cost is passed on to the person buying the balls and this can add as much as 25% to the cost of the product. A £10 ball should cost £8, a £40 ball should cost £32. So, would you rather pay £32 or £40? Lusum decided to NEVER OFFER SPONSORSHIP deals and manufacture premium quality balls and equipment at a realistic price. A ball that is sold for £32 does not have a premium added for any sponsorship or marketing spend so does actually cost £32 to buy. It’s a simple idea that benefits grassroots sport with savings into many £1000’s. This saving can be used to create better sports facilities, provide more equipment and support teachers and coaches. In 2016, Lusum expanded the range available to include Rugby balls, Cricket balls, Hockey balls, Rounders balls, Netball balls and Training Equipment. Players use Lusum products because they want to and not because they are paid to.


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